Long Way Home – Part 2

Our next chapter begins with a phone call that was made to close friend and former background vocalist Stefanie Dennis. The question was then asked, “what do you think about picking up where we left off?” Stefanie would pause a little at first, not because she wasn’t interested, but she made it clear she wanted something a bit more substantial then just singing in the background.  She wanted to be up front and sing some lead herself in fact, so an agreement was made….. Sealed with a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek, the journey would begin.

As we mentioned in the beginning finding the rest of the band would be the real challenge. At first we thought perhaps some of the old band might join them,  as they were already familiar with much of the planned material.   Moving on,   Stephanie & me decided to do an open mic at a popular bar in Southport, CT. Not only would this allow us to keep up the vocals together, but perhaps find some other talent to join us. The songs performed that night where the Luke Bryan’s smash hit Roller Coaster, and a  duet version of the Lionel Richie country cross over  recently re-recorded with Darius Rucker,  Stuck On You. The magic was still there if applause was any indication, and afterwards the we where asked where we would be next. The road ahead was still long and narrow at this early stage for what would soon become David Robushi &”Moonshine.”

Fortunately for the us they had already auditioned a 32 year old guitarist named Rex from the Danbury area,  and the host of the open mic in Southport just happened to be a bass player named Bradford ( We call him Bradley ). The search for a drummer seemed to start a little easier at first, asking the  second drummer from their previous band  to play with them. This proved initially at least to be another logical choice.  With one guitar, a bass, a solid drummer and two vocalist, the band had enough to begin rehearsing. The search for lead guitar was the next challenge, and the band tried out a few to find the right sound. It seemed there was either a struggle to find somebody to completely commit,  or the band would find  just plain crazy people.  Finally the stars aligned with the moon, the universe was good,  and the band  found both a lead guitar and a more permanent fit behind the drum kit. Mike and Vin would not only offer exceptional talent, but they would bring their great sense of humor with them. This would of course help to keep things light at rehearsal, which any musician knows can become tense from time to time.

To Be Continued….Field of Dreams


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