“Long Way Home”

Part 1 : New Beginnings


For me David Robushi singer and founder of the group, it’s been hard work and determination that helped me find my way back. Home for me is performing again, so taking a few months off and cutting my long hair while on vacation with my wife Deena and a little downtime was definitely in order.

After a successful summer filled with big stages and larger audiences than we could have imagined, the time had come for a break from music. After five or six years of performing nearly every weekend, it was time to catch our breath. Me and my wife Deena, had always found the small island of Martha’s Vineyard to be a place where we could decompress, so come September that’s exactly where we headed leaving our home on Great Cedar Ranch in Easton behind.

After a conversation with a friend in the business and my wife Deena’s advice, it was decided a new band would be formed from the ground up, but where to begin? The first call was to a former background vocalist and friend Stefanie Dennis. The blending of our two voices was magical I thought, and Stefanie was a logical choice. Working together closely on the last project, the chemistry was already there. To find the other players was quite the daunting task, but with some hard work, patience, and lots of auditioning the band would begin to take shape. This time Stefanie would take on a different role in the band in addition to her already beautiful harmony singing.


To Be Continued ….







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